god's inflammable pants

daydream believer

19 October 1973
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Some random things about me:

I don't wear yellow. Most of the people I know think my music taste is too loud/depressing/not in English. I find it difficult to throw things away. I have rather a butterfly mind, and talk too much.
One day I'll discover what I want to 'do' with my life, by which time it'll probably be too late. I spent most of my childhood dressing up and talking to myself - not much has changed, though I think I've finally mastered the art of not getting caught talking to myself in public LOL

Some interesting things about my childhood (well, I think they're interesting, and it's my profile):
  • I once kept a dead thrush in a box on my windowsill for a month in the mistaken belief that I'd end up with a perfect bird skeleton.

  • I used to have a 'pet cemetary' in my garden containing 2 baby voles, a ewe and 2 lambs, a cat, assorted birds and a rabbit. I made the headstones myself.
  • I've bathed naked in several fountains in Paris (I was only 4 at the time :-P
  • I haved lived my life with the erroneous belief that there is actually a place called Smartieland where you can drink Smarties from a sundae glass through a straw.
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